2010 EcoEnduro

By admin on July 27th, 2010
Tony Heimberg On the #80 Zero Motorcycles

Tony Heimberg On the #80 Zero MX

In December 2009 the FIM held a multi-day enduro event in Germany called the EcoEnduro. Quantya and Zero Motorcycles based teams from around the world took part in the race including Joel Smetts, Brian Jorgensen, and Annie Steel. It was a great success and the 2010 event is now in the works.

Check out the video after the break to see the highlights from the 2009 EcoEnduro.

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Quantya Strada Electric Enduro

By admin on August 20th, 2009


The Quantya Strada enduro is a street legal electric motorcycle built and manufactured in Switzerland. The Strada has 12 inches of suspension front and rear and is the size of a small displacement four stroke dirt bike. (e.g. Honda CRF150) The Quantya beat the Zero X at Mini Moto SX which was the only official race between the two competing manufacturers. The win was attributed to the Superior suspension and larger wheels.

Source: Plug Bike